My name is Niels Ryde, bassplayer, composer , arranger, educater and studio musician from Denmark.

Ive been a professionel musician for 40 years now, playing everything from : jazz, funk, soul, fusion, Afro,Brazillian, reggay, pop, rock, zydeco music , country, gospel, show bands, musicals, theaters , studio musician, Big Bands, Dou´s. Trio´s and solo performances

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Bassplayer/Composer Niels Ryde entered the danish jazzscene in the mid eighties with a new personal sound and aproace on the bass, he soon became a member of different jazz/funk groups, and started his own group in 88. Since then he have been a most sought after musician on the Danish as well as the International music scene. He´s a leader of 9 CD´s. Niels does concerts, clinics and workshops throughout World.

Ryde has performed in : Us, Brazil, Marocco, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Russia, Ukraine, The Baltic States, Island & Scandinavia

Niels just played 7 months contract for Royal Caribbien Cruises....
”Niels Ryde is an exellent bassplayer with solid time and technique. He has performed all headliner shows, produktion shows, big band sets and jazz sets at and above Orchestra musician standard. Niels easely navigates though generes demanden of him such as Tango, Rumba, Swing, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Latin, Pop, Rock, Big Band ect. Niels has a firm understanding of his role in providing high quality performance to the band at all time and a great team player and solist, who makes the band sounds great. Niels offen demonstrats his passion and his own touch to the songs he perform with the Orchestra on daly basis.” Lubo Hajossy MD Musical Director , Royal Carribian Cruises..2017

Played & toured with musicians like : Ben Monder(US), Lew Soloff(US), Wolfgang Muthspiel(Au), Bill McHenry(US),Misja Fitzgreald Michel(F), Orazio Maugeri(It), Siggi Flossason(is), Katrine Madsen(DK), Heine Hansen(DK)Helle Hansen(DK),Doug Raney(US), Krister Jönsson(S), Basiru Suso(mali), Pierre Dørge(DK), Aya Solomon(Ghana),Simon Spang Hansen(DK), Jacob Broholm(DK), Nikolaj Bundvig(DK), John Tchicai(US), Butch Lacy(US), James Loveless Funk Band(US/DK), Amancio De Silvar/Matt Lester Quintet(GB) Marc Bernstein(US), Uffe Steen Jensen, Carsten Dahl, Anders Mogensen, Søren Bebe, Thor Madsen, Morten Grønvad, Thomas Agergaard, Kasper Tranberg, Jacop Dinesen, Sko & Torp, Christoffer Møller, Niels Vincentz, Jesper Lovedale og Thomas Frank amomg others.

" I originally met Nils at Vallekilde a few years ago and was very impressed with his playing and talent.Nils Ryde is a wonderful composer and bass player. I find his compositions so much fun to play on. I think his writing is unique,melodic, and very interesting harmonically. He is also a great bassist as is evident on this recording by his fantastic soloing and great rhythmic support. Lew Soloff(US)

”Niels Ryde is not just an innovative and sensitive modern player. He is also a marvelous and unique composer. With brains and heart to spare, Niels takes full advantage of the color palate---taking us on fantastic new journeys which still follow the trajectory of tradition. He is a very special player." - Kurt Elling, vocalist & Blue Note Artist.

"Among the leading jazz musicians in Europe." - Daily Mirror.(GB)